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Eight applications every 4 to 6 weeks (Timing to be based on climactic conditions which may change from year to year.)

GroGreen Specialty Programs
Aeration & Overseeding:
Fall is the best time to aerate and overseed your lawn. The long hot summer takes its toll on Fescue Lawns. Cooler weather and shorter days provide the perfect environment for seed germination. The GroGreen core-aeration process is usually performed twice each growing season depending on your particular lawn. We will be more than happy to evaluate and recommend a core-aeration schedule that is best for your lawn. Overseeding in the fall will help guarantee a fuller, more luscious lawn in the spring.
Brown Patch Prevention:
Brown patch usually damages grass in a circular pattern, from a few inches to several feet in diameter, sometimes these areas are mistaken for lack of water. Early applications of fungicide applied May through September will help prevent the spread of this disease.
Grub Prevention:
An effective treatment guaranteed to control grubs in their earliest stages - before they get a foothold on your property. Let us apply this valuable treatment to your lawn. It's an ideal insurance policy against these difficult to control insects and you'll see no grub damage all season long.
Fire Ant Control:
Each year fire ants become more of a problem throughout our communities. They can destroy plant material, damage utility equipment, and in some cases, cause severe allergic reactions to humans and pets with their dangerous sting. GroGreen's blanket treatment for fire ant control will stop the spread of fire ants throughout your lawn.
Our Guarantee:
GroGreen has an effective treatment GUARANTEED to control and prevent fire ants for one full year GUARANTEED! We at GroGreen feel it is important to provide this service to help protect you and your family from these unwanted pests.

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